Stretcher Pad Specifications

AMM offers two replacement cover options for stretcher pads: vinyl and 4-Way Stretch.

Vinyl covers are manufactured using Sure-Chek® medical fabrics. Medical grade vinyl by Sure-Chek® is an industry leader in providing patient surfaces that are comfortable, durable, and built specifically for any medical environment. Their products are latex and artifact free. Vinyl covers by Sure-Chek® are antibacterial, antifungal, anti-static and manufactured to exceed all aspects of medical facility surface protection requirements. 

4-Way Stretch fabric is specifically engineered to provide the best in moisture vapor transmission (MVT) and pressure management helping to maximize patient safety and comfort. 4-Way Stretch fabric is also tear and abrasion resistant, helping the patient surface maintain optimal performance throughout the lifespan of any stretcher pad.

Product Specifications

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, latex free
  • Composed of 100% fluid-proof, medical-grade fabric
  • Includes adhesive velcro strips to secure the pad to the stretcher

Customize your Stretcher Pad Replacement Cover